I DIDN'T WRITE THE BEST FRIEND LOVE SONG!!!! I’ll be a blog in your head. That’s okay. We’re all blogs in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? ‘Cause it was, you know. It was the best. The teenage blogger who stole a URL and blogged about it. Did I ever tell you that I stole it? Well I borrowed it. I was always going to take it back. Oh that URL, Marielle, you’ll dream about that URL. It’ll never leave you.

Anonymous whispered, "i have a crush on my best friend, and im currently stuck in a relationship with a guy i dont like but he's the only guy who has any interest in me..."

Plenty of guys will have interest in you LOVE YOURSELF

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Anonymous whispered, "So my boyfriend broke up with me three days ago and now it's spring break so i won't speak to him in person for another week and basically have these seven days alone to wallow in my misery then come to the conclusion that he's a dick then plan his murder and that is the reason why no one should break up with me right before i have extensive time alone."

love yourself

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Anonymous whispered, "I saw you answered two relationship probs so why not answer one more? I had to break up with my girlfriend about a month and a half ago because shes emotionally unstable and cheated on me while I was in England. She keeps messaging me and im trying to forget about her. Im really a nice guy and dont know how to tell her to leave me alone, any advice?"

I’m a really nice guy

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Anonymous whispered, "Sometimes my period is late and for a little bit I worry that I'm pregnant but then I remember I'm 12"

get off of this website

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Anonymous whispered, "Here's the thing, I'm kinda new to this site and how the hell do you get followers?!"

you don’t I have 0 followers still

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Anonymous whispered, "I love this guy but he is moving to New Mexico and I live in Alaska, what should I do?! I told him I love him but he's all shy and doesn't want to say anything. What do I do?!?!"

Create a new New Mexico in Alaska

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thequeenofpineapples whispered, "What was the worst time you ever picked up a penny?"

I don’t pick up pennies do u think I would mess w/ that useless currency

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Anonymous whispered, "help I have a cold and I need to sing in a show and my voice sounds like frogs and toads and salamanders what do I do???"


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Anonymous whispered, "There's this dude who everyday at school he says hi whenever we pass by each other, we're in the same class together and he really nice and likes to talk to me. Two days ago he asked if I was going to prom, I said maybe because I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it. He then said no it'll be fun we could go together. I might be a little slow on picking up things like this, BUT DID I JUST GET ASKED TO PROM?!?!"

YEAH make him like officially ask you though cause you’re worth it but HE DEF WANTS TO GO WITH YOU THATS SO CUTE!!

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Anonymous whispered, "eey you think marielle was down with necrophilia?"

hell ya crack open a cold one

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